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18/07/2011 10:29:05
Re: RE : Short notice & on hold my salary


I have tendered my resignation on 13/7/11. I need to served 2 month noticed. However, my new employer will buy over my 1 month short noticed. I have 3.5 days balance of annual leave to contra. Actually my last working day as i mentioned in the resignation is 31/7/2011 but GM ask me to extend 1 more weeks until 5/8/11. My concerns are :

1. Employer got right not to accept the resignation or indemnity of short noticed ?

2. until today, 18/7/11, I still haven't get the official letter of indenmity of short noticed figure from HR, and my new employer also unable to issue the indemnity cheque. And HR said if the didn't received my indemnity cheque before 20/7/11 , they going to on hold my Jul'11 salary. Would like to find out in such case, HR got right to on hold my Jul'11 salary ?

3.The prorate of annual leave they should count is up to 5/8/11 (last working day ) or 12/9/11 ?

4. Since my last working day is on 5/8/11. The short noticed of indemnity should start count from 6/8/11 (Friday) to 12/9/11 or 8/8/11 (monday) to 12/9/11 ?

5. Let said my last working day as i mention in the resignation is 31/7/11. The short noticed of indemnity should count from 29/7/2011 to 12/9/11 or 1/8/11 to 12/9/11 ?

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

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KL Siew
18/07/2011 17:49:10
Sort them out with your HR before you go. Can't really comment.
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