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14/07/2011 09:55:15
Re: Annual leave entitlement

Date joined : 25th oct 2010
Annual leave entitlement: 10days

Is it im entitled to 1.825 days ~2days annual leave? But my company only give me 1 days. I have told them about this but then refuse to pay me 2 days AL as tomorrow is my last day . What should i do? Can i report to labour office? My salary is above RM1500
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KL Siew
14/07/2011 11:05:26
I think better don't waste time on such small matter and get on with the new job. Not worth the trouble unless you think otherwise.
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KL Guy
14/07/2011 12:22:03
May I know what is the minimum annual leave that a company must give to executive level?
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14/07/2011 12:50:21
Im not sure, but in my appointment letter stated 1st two years is entitled for 10days
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15/09/2011 12:16:25
If you read the EA, you will notice it didn't separate an exec level or a non exec level when it comes to AL therefore under EA u will receive a minimum of 8 days unless your company is more generous to give you more. But don't compare to govn staff that receives 30 days of AL (new hired 25 days)...
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