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Mr Tan
08/07/2011 17:11:47
Re: Termination during Probation

I have an employee (my assistant) (date joined: 7th June 2011) who is under 3 months probation. His salary is RM1,600-00.

1) keep making similar mistakes over and over again despite my specific instructions

2) over the first three weeks of commencement, he is constantly requesting me to increase his salary to RM1,900.00 saying that after deducting his car installment, ASB, food, petrol, parking and travelling expenses, he gets roughly about RM100-00 left from his RM1,600.00 (after deducting his EPF & Socso)

3) using the company's email to chat with his friend, telling his friend that he is so free/unoccupied in the office when he did not even finish the day's work

4) despite telling him constantly to jot down whatever instruction or guidance to assist with his job (so that he need not ask me again and again on how to do this and that), he did not heed my advice, that i have to tell/explain to him over and over again

5) recently he made another mistake that he got a reprimand from the management and myself (about the recent mistake and also other mistakes he regularly made). The problem here is that he told his colleagues or some of the employees that the management heavily scolded him for very simple problem, and so her "words" or gossips reached me (I heard from one of the employees).

Basically, he is so unreflective/unrepentant for his actions or behaviours, and that her gossips may/will disrupt the office. And I do not feel he is suitable for this job.

Can we terminate him (with just cause and excuse)?

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Shirley Lim
08/07/2011 22:54:53
Re: Absent without leave application

I have a staff that absent from work for 10 days consecutive but she did call to the office every day to inform that she extended her leave .

Besides that, for the past few months she also occasional called the office to inform that she was taking 1 or 2 days leave without prior leave applicaton and she did not even submit her leave form when she returned to work the next day despite numerous reminders to her to submit her leave form.

How can we dismiss her?

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KL Siew
11/07/2011 21:23:20
Shirley. you should give stern warnings and if no improvement, hold a domestic inquiry and dismiss her.
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