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08/07/2011 09:11:48
Re: Company going to bankrupt and termination

Hi, i would like to know, what steps or actions we can take against a company which is going to be taken over by a new company and they are not willing to pay the termination benefits to those going to be terminated? The only reason the company given is that they do not have the money to pay the compensation. The worst part is that the workers do not ready for it and they scare that their hard earning also be a big question mark whether they will receive it or not. Can the employer just get away like this by selling the company to third party and terminate the workers without any compensation? Please kindly advise us, who should we seek for helps and advice. Thanks and you helps highly much appreciated.
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KL Siew
08/07/2011 09:57:04
You quickly go to the Labour Office and make complaint.
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