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04/07/2011 16:22:39
Re: Hospitalization leave

We have an employee on medical leave since 4/5/2011. Before this, she has utilised 9 days of medical leave.
My question here is does her medical leave (hospitalization leave) this time around inclusive of saturdays and sundays?
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KL Siew
04/07/2011 17:26:16
Yes, it includes.
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05/07/2011 09:57:05
The thing is that the leave form does not indicate as hospitalize or sick leave. So, the company is showing compassion and consider it as hospitalize. If saturdays and sundays are inclusive, all the 60 days had been used up by 23/6/2011.
MC=9 days, May = 28 days, June = 23 days. June 7 days unpaid leave.
I have paid her full for June. I will be in for trouble then...
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