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29/06/2011 16:50:51
Re: Late to work? RM50 per min!

Dear Sir,

In my company, it is not mentioned in the interview or stated anyway in the employment letter about penalty in the event of staff being late to work.

But it happened to a staff when she received her salary and noticed that the salary is lesser than expected. She went and checked with HR, she was so shocked to find out that Company deducts RM50 per min if staff turn up late to work!

Does the employer has the right to do so??

Thank you

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KL Siew
29/06/2011 19:30:18
What you can do is to bring the matter up with the Labour Office.
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30/06/2011 10:17:53
Thank you for your advise KL Siew.
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20/07/2011 15:15:25
Or, you could ask the staff to be responsible and report to work on time as I am sure that is a basic requirement of here employment!!!
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