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29/06/2011 16:03:14
Re: Acceptance on Resignation

Dear Sir,

I have joined my current company on 8th June 2011. And i have tendered my resignation on the 21st June. Now serving 1 month notice as stated in my employment letter.

My boss has verbally accepted my resignation however he has asked to 'keep the letter 1st' instead of giving a copy to HR.

One of my colleagues who has resigned and served 7 days notice as stated in the employment letter but boss has refused to let her go and has threaten her that if she refuse to stay till month end, he will hold her salary. My colleague got worried and stays on and leaving only on 30th June.

My question is :

1. Does employer has the right to hold staff salary when staff has served the required notice upon resignation?
2. Is my resignation valid if boss refuses to put it in black and white such as signing me a acceptance letter on my resignation?
3. Can he hold my salary if he didnt issue me any acceptance letter on resignation?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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KL Siew
29/06/2011 19:26:24
You should give your resignation letter direct to your HR and not to your boss. You can give a copy to your boss.
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30/06/2011 10:14:09
Thanks for your reply KL Siew, our HR is on medical leave at the moment, coming back only on the 6th July (there is only one staff in HR dept, everything else go to the boss direct). My letter is dated 21st June 2010. When i pass the letter to HR on the 6th July, i can safely go on the 20th July? (serving one month notice)
Boss has no right to stop that, right?

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KL Siew
30/06/2011 11:35:47
There is nothing to stop you from going.
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30/06/2011 14:55:24
Dear KL Siew,

Do you mean that :

- even if he doesnt sign me any acceptance of resignation, i can still go on the 20th July &
- he has no right to hold my salary! is that right?
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KL Siew
30/06/2011 18:08:04
Should he do that, you sue.
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01/07/2011 10:15:47
Ok. Thanks a lot for your advice.
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