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09/03/2010 15:14:07
Re: Employer EPF

Dear Sir

I am resigning soon and must give 3 mths notice. But 3 mths is too long so I am giving 1mth notice only. the other 2 mths I will pay back the co. So the 2 mths I pay back co. my boss will still pay me employer EPF 12% right? What if after paying back the 2 mths salary to co. but later I check my EPF acct but they didn't pay the employer EPF to me? What should I do? Pls help. Thanx!
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KL Siew
09/03/2010 15:59:18
You have to get advice from EPF on this matter.
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11/03/2010 13:07:27
When you pay back your company, its not a wage but some sort of contractual compensation, so EPF would not be paid to you on that as there was no wage payout to you from the company.
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