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26/06/2011 22:10:26
Re: resignation

dear sir,

i'm working as an exec. without junior support for the since 2010. i hv to take care of the all admin and clerical work, take care of the factory workers, meet clients requirements and also debt collection.
Late 2009, my boss cut my salary by 20% saying I wasn't doing a good job in the debt collection so they hv x choice but to cut my salary, but not the rest. I wasn't earning more then RM1800. They also forced me to sign an agreement letter. in early 2010, i submitted my resignation, which then they counter offered in a pay raise by 40%. I put in a retractment letter and gave them a verbal promise to provide a minimum of 3 months notice should I resign again.
i got an offer to continue my studies overseas and will hv to join the uni mid sept. As promised I submitted my resignation letter on the 1st of Mar stating my intention to leave and giving them 5 months notice to find a replacement and for me to train and handover all my job to the new staff.
To date, they haven't taken in anyone, although they did interview several candidates, they come up with lame excuses for not appointing a new person. and they are asking me to stay until they find another candidate. they are now saying they didn't accept the resignation letter as they haven't given me an acceptance of resignation letter, so i cannot leave the job at the end of july.
is this possible? can they do this? although my appointment letter said one month and a verbal agreement for 3 months, i had given them more then 3 months notice. they haven't counter offered and have indicated that they will not be doing so. they are willing to let me go at their own leisure. can i just leave the office without proper handing over at the end of july as my resignation letter. can they take any action against me?

thank u
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KL Siew
27/06/2011 17:31:33
Try to complete whatever unfinished work and go after the end of the 3 months notice. Let them take action if they want, you can't stop them.
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