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24/06/2011 22:21:30
Re: Notice of resignation

Hi Sir

I am holding a position of HR Executive, which my letter of appointment stated that after confirmation of appointment either party shall give one month notice, i got my confirmation of appointment letter after I joined this company.. I have been worked with this company for 1 year 1 month.

Last month the Management instructed me to issue a memo to mentioned that for Supervisor & above level shall deem to serve for 2 month notice of termination / resignation as well of our Employee Handbook recently distributed to all employees stated that for Supervisor & above level will need to serve for 2 month notice.

If I wish to tender my resignation, should I need to serve 1 or 2 months notices? Thanks
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KL Siew
26/06/2011 17:54:43
Since the instruction came from you and therefor I think it should be two months.
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27/06/2011 13:05:54
Hi Sir,

But the notice of termination to 2 months is instruction from my HR Manager & General Manager.

1 of Production Manager resigned, He only gave 1 month notice. My HR Manager told me that no need to deduct short of 1 mth notice after the Production Manager who tendered resignation treaten my HR manager.

So can I only serve for 1 month notice as well? Thanks!

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27/06/2011 14:56:26
The change in the notice period must be accepted by the employees as well.
If you have not sign the acceptance to the change,then it is not binding.
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28/06/2011 19:46:23
what about we signed at "acknowledge received Employee Handbook" in the separate sheet. Is this consider binding?

1 of the clauses of the Employee Handbook does mention termination notice.

Please advise!
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