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24/06/2011 22:08:07
Re: Short notice computation

Sir, we hv an employee who will tender her resignation on 27/6/2011. LWD will be on 30/6/2011. our payroll cut off date is as follows:
a) June 2011 payroll : 26/5/2011 till 25/6/11 = 31days (credit date 1/7/11
b) July 2011 payroll: 26/6/2011 till 25/7/11 = 30days (credit date 1/8/11

her salary per month is RM1250. since she will tender 27/6/2011 & Last day on 30/6/2011, pls confirm whether my calculation for short notice is correct:

1) short notice of 26days?
2) for short notice should I divided by 30days or 31 days?

3) short notice to be deducted from her salary is
- RM1250 /30 days x 26 days = RM1083.33, correct?

4) If the calculation is correct, there is insufficient amount to be deducted from her July payroll as she will only worked for 5 days (26th - 30th June 2011) in July 2011 payroll, can we on hold her June 2011?

last, July 2011 salary will be RM1250 / 30 x 5 = RM208.33, correct?

Please advise! Thank you!
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KL Siew
26/06/2011 17:49:21
I think what concerns you is only the 26 days short notice and to me your calculation in 3) is correct.. I don't understand why July salary should come into the picture at all. What she should pay is RM1083.33 as indemnity only.
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27/06/2011 13:00:45
Hi Mr Siew,

Because our July payroll period is from 26/06/2011 till 25/7/2011.

Thank you!
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KL Siew
27/06/2011 17:28:50
Then minus RM208.33 from RM1083.33
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28/06/2011 19:42:59
Thanks Mr Siew!
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11/01/2013 14:38:24
I have employee who working only 4 days,and notice period required is 1 week. His basic pay is RM700. How I calculated for his short notice?
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