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Ding Xie
24/06/2011 12:31:51
Re: Compensation about transfer to same subsidiary company

Company-A work for 11years, Company-A request me to transfer to Company-B where by same subsidiary, there was no Compensation given, only length of service carry forward to Company-B,(Company-B
was new company ) , but I still work in Company-A as outsourcing worker.

Now Company-A going to do new business, All Company-A worker will get Compensation, so what about those like me who transfer to Company-B?

If Company-B should be the responsible for my Compensation ,
11years work in Company-A, but work in Company-B only 1years ( whereby Company-B was new company with same subsidiary )
So Company-B should give 11+1 years Compensation or 1 years Compensation to us ?

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KL Siew
24/06/2011 12:50:45
You should sort out the issue with them if you think there is an issue. To me, you are still working for Company B and your service there has not been terminated, I think it is not the time to get compensation. If your service is terminated in B, then any compensation may be based on all the years of service both in A and B.
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Ding Xie
24/06/2011 15:03:30
My question is, Company-A is going to close and start with the new business, so All employ Company-A is given Compensation.

If I been terminated by B, so would the Company-B give my Compensation with my length of service which carry forward from Company-A? or the Company-A should pay the Compensation for the 11 years before Company-A close / shutdown?

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KL Siew
24/06/2011 16:31:32
I think you are now B's employee and A's closing down will not affect you. If B were to terminate your service, then B should pay termination benefits for 11 years. In this regard, you can also go to the local Labour Department and discuss the issue with the officers there.
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Ding Xie
28/06/2011 11:27:00
Is it legal that employee can be transfer to other Comapny?

Possible situation
Company-A transfer to Company-B with carry forward lenght of service,
Company-A close give all Company-A employee Compensation and made recruitment old employee and new employee where by now become Company-C, so if Company-B ask me to transfer back to where Company-A hire me at the 1st place, but Company-A is no longer exist.

Question 1:
Company-C doesn't need my service, Company-B should pay 12 years
Question 2:
Company-C accept my service, but as new employee (no carry forward lenght of service), is this legal ?

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