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24/06/2011 01:58:25
Re: Need some advice

Hi i am an employer of a new company and need some advice or guidelines for OT claim on salary paid more than rm 2500k. Is it possible if i give full day annual leave if they work more than 6 hrs after off hrs, and on weekend and if they work lsss than that they get half day.please advice asap.Tq
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KL Siew
24/06/2011 12:42:57
For me, I definitely will not use such method to deal with overtime. Giving one day leave will surely costly more than paying overtime in terms of work disruptions and loss of business. Furthermore what about overtime which is less than 6 hours say 1 hours, 2hours and so on. Best to pay by the hours of overtime and strictly control overtime work. Those with salary of RM1500 may not be covered by the Employment Act, as such, you can work out some OT rates that are acceptable to both parties.
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24/06/2011 13:17:23
tq kl siew..
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