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22/06/2011 14:43:40
Re: retraction and resignation

In April 2011, I had tendered in my resignation as I had received a better offer. Before I could sign the offer letter, the offer was retracted. so my current boss said i can continue work here. last week she ask me to give retractment letter for the resignation. but then i got a different offer and have signed the offer letter, so i put the retract letter and my resignation letter with current date. my boss don't want to accept the resignation but took the retract letter.

today she said i cannot resign. but i told her since offer letter said 1 month notice, gave her 1 month notice dated 13.06.11 and even she don't accept i can leave after 1 month. now she holding my retract letter and said i cannot go coz i give retract n she not receive my resignation.

can she do this? i worried she take legal action against me or not pay salary for the 8 days in july. pls help
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KL Siew
22/06/2011 20:06:37
I you want to resign again after retracting the resignation notice previously, I think you should give another notice afresh. Your retracted notice will not have any effect now. Now, you can either give one month notice again or pay one month salary as indemnity if you want to leave immediately.
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