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21/06/2011 15:42:53
Re: Resign During Maternity Leave

Can a staff resign during maternity leave or resign immediately come back from maternity leave?
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KL Siew
21/06/2011 15:57:55
If she does that, there is a possibility of her not getting her maternity allowance or may have to pay indemnity.
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23/06/2011 15:42:42
hi, my name is wong. i work with L K S Electrical Works for 1/2 years. On December, 2009 my boss, Mr. L force me to resign just bcos i was suddenly pregnant after i work with him for 3 months.

may i ask why boss usually dont want a pregnant woman to work at his company although she suddenly get pregnant? is it a female workers who is suddenly pregnant so the boss ask her to resign immediately? but is it female fault just bcos she suddenly pregnant?

thanks & regards,
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KL Siew
23/06/2011 18:30:22
Don't resign even if he told you to resign. Let him sack you if he wants. If you resign, you lose your rights.
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