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Edwin lim
21/06/2011 10:32:15
Re: Constructive dismissal

Hi, i am resigning from my post, because my company treat me badly in wages, post and job scope. Can i make a case for constructive dismissal? I call ird but they said i cannot make a case since i have tender already. Pease advice. Is cd case must report to ird before i tender resignation or how?
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KL Siew
21/06/2011 15:51:47
Since your company has as you said, treated badly in wages, post and job scope, why must you claim constructive dismissal and try to get back the job there? I think better don't waste time and get on with whatever new job you are having now. If you really want to do it, I suggest to go to the IR Department and talk to some of the officers there.
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Edwin lim
21/06/2011 16:24:47
They have deliberately cut my wages with no evidence, its quite alot of money. They insist notpaying back. I resign becausei cannot stand that theytreatsuch way. But still i want my money back what is due to me.
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KL Siew
21/06/2011 19:10:02
Then try to make a complaint at the Labour Office and make a claim for your salary that was cut.
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18/07/2011 22:51:06
Hi, i also resigning from my post.
Before, I tender my resignation letter, my superior request me to replace my colleague's job (out of my job scope) after she left the company since Oct last year. So, my job scope suddenly become bigger and bigger every day.
He also intended to humiliate me in front of everyone even because of small issues especially in front of director or even external person.
Recently, I request to extend my maternity leave for few days but has been rejected due to unreasonable issues.
So, I really feel forced to resign. He don't want to approved my leave but immediately approve my resignation letter. But, I give notice for next two months. So, my last day should be end of August. But, company didn't allow me to come for work anymore and want to pay my salary until August and release me immediately. Is it my case fall under 'Constructive dismissal"? Or I can fight back and sue the company?
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