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joanne w.
21/06/2011 09:13:28

Dear sir,

I'm working for a firm for over 4 years holding a senior post. Last week I had tendered in my resignation as I had received a better offer from a different firm. My current boss doesn't want to accept my resignation as it's 1month notice as per my appointment letter and has request that I tender in my letter with minimum 3 months notice for him to find a replacement.
I have signed the offer letter at the new office and I'm to start work on the 15th of July.

My question, can an employer refuse to accept the resignation letter? Can I resign from this job and join my new job as per my offer letter? Will there be any legal action taken if I d so?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
21/06/2011 15:44:06
If the agreed notice period is one month, then one month notice is enough. It does not matter whether your employer accepts or not.
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24/06/2011 07:59:45
I resigned from a company giving 1 month notice last month and received an acceptance letter a few days before I was to leave the company. In the letter it stated that I have 7.5 days of unclaimed leave which will be paid this month. May I know what the calculation as stipulated by the Employment Act should be?
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