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15/06/2011 10:06:26
Re: New contract

Dear Mr. siew,
My company wants every staff to sign new contract all staff already signed except my account girl she claim that she's not going to sign if we don't increse her salary either resign, she also tell if she resign all staff will follow her. Her salary RM 3,700. she work 6yrs, If I terminate her how many mnth notice should I give (appointment letter 2mnth notice) if 24hrs notice how many mnth salary should I pay. She tell staff she try to threaten us she can't leave because with her qualification she can't get this pay in others company. Pls advice me. Thanks.
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15/06/2011 14:31:15
Since the appointment letter stated 2 month notice then you need to follow it.

If you want 24 hours notice then you need to pay the 2 month notice salary in lieu.
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