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14/06/2011 10:25:08
Re: Paylslip Format

Hi Pesara online,

Seeking your advise on 2 items:

1. Under the Employment Act - lawful Deductions:-

Not stated deductions is allowed for late comers? kindly advise since my company practices this for our staff.

2. Payslip Format

The format prepared by our HR does not accordance to the standard format as per others where the basic pay is always varies and changes due to the late comers deductions and unpaid leaves. To make it worst there were no column of deductions was illustarted for audit trails and reconciliations. kindly advise since it caused troublesome for me and others when dealing with financial institutions for appyling housing loans and ect. What are the best format and standard practices under the act for payslip format?

Thanking you in advance..
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KL Siew
14/06/2011 18:01:46
1. In fact, any deduction not in accordance with Section 24 is not lawful and deduction for late comers can arguably be not lawful unless deduction has gone through proper process like a DI. You better consult the Labour Department if you really want to make payroll deduction for it.

2. As for extra column, your payroll software programmer should .have no problem in putting in an extra column for it.
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