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14/06/2011 10:08:12
Re: pregnant

i've jux found a new job and during the interview i didnt mention tat i am 4 mths pregnant i will be due in nov. If i tell them later maybe in a month or 2 and they are not happy with it, can they terminate me becox i didnt tell them tat i am pregnant?
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14/06/2011 10:15:56
Did your application form included the declaration on your pregnancy? if yes, do you stated on your pregnancy? if you not stated on your pregnancy then it is a misconduct of cheating the company.

otherwise, if there is no declaration needed, you are not liable for termination. however, you might need to check whether you are entitle for the maternity benefit

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14/06/2011 11:28:56
no. there isnt any declaration not even medical check up. i dont mind if they wont give me the maternity leave, i just wanted to know can they fire me becox i am pregnant.
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16/06/2011 21:31:52
I was pregnant and due date is on oct.however company want to cease on they want to terminated me early to avoid paying the maternity leave on oct &nov. Even they can extend me work until sept but maternity leave will not give to me.I find really unfair to pregnant women....labour law will not apply if the salary above of rm 1.5k.i really not sure what can i do.Please advise me
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