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11/06/2011 15:56:54
Re: Need some advise !!

I'm a driver who send goods to shop by shop (need to do sales). My salary is like this:

Basic: RM 450
Attendance Allowance : RM 450 (minus RM 150 if no report to work - 3 time chance)
Commission: 1% of my sales

My EPF count like this "Basic x 11% (me) and 12% (company)"
I want to know whether my company is paying me the right amount of EPF. As my hr department say, the EPF is based on basic. Commission and allowance not include so i only get RM54 EPF from company.

And also, i need to go out station as well, from 4am morning need to leave from company until 5.00pm back office. According to my hr department, travel time not consider OT. They only pay RM 15 extra as "travel allowance". Is my company doing the right thing not paying OT?
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KL Siew
11/06/2011 17:59:03
I don't think your employer is doing the right thing. For EPF, you can report the matter to EPF and for Overtime, the Labour Office is the place for you to make complaint.
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