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Florence Choo
11/06/2011 10:59:54
Re: calulation of salary (urgent)


One of my company staff is resigned and he give 1 month notice, he last day is on 13/6/11. Then on 3/6/11 till 10/6/11 he is on leave. Currently he entitled 1day annual leave only, he basic pay is RM3150.00 and fixed allowance RM700. Please advice the calculation of his pay.

I would appreciate if you can reply me by today as i need to release his last pay one 13/6/11 (Monday).

Thank you
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11/06/2011 14:46:43
03/06/2011 - 10/06/2011 <-- this leave is what leave? he apply unpaid leave or just absent for work?

and also what is his normal working days? Sat and Sun working?

By the meaning of "fixed allowance", I can't determine whether the 700 is compulsory or not.
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