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10/06/2011 15:05:37
Re: unpaid leave

i hv a worker, she took U/L from 10/4 tp 9/5/2011.
the question is:

1. 1/5 is public holiday, she is not entitled cause she took U/L, am i right?

2. how we going to calculate her May 2011' s salary, she started to work on 10/5 and rest day (3days) on 15,22 & 29/5.
so her salary should: 19/31xbasic salary

pls advice.
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KL Siew
10/06/2011 17:56:16
Pay her (salary/31) x 21 days. Rest days should also be paid.
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11/06/2011 09:43:03
Correction a bit, for the salary of May should be (salary / 31) x 22 days instead of 21 days. 10th to 31th May is 22 days.
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