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10/06/2011 11:36:47
Re: Breach of Contract of Service

Dear Mr. Siew

Further to my earlier query (absent > 2days), the staff did not turn up for work till todate. She did not response to our showcause letter (bycourier) on 7June, neither attempt to call the office nor pick up the calls when I tried to call her.

What is the next course of action? Does it means that she has self-terminate the contract of service and she has no right to sue the company under IR. Pls advise.

Thank you.

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KL Siew
10/06/2011 17:49:39
You can treat it that the staff has terminated her service without notice and the company can claim indemnity in lieu of notice against her if they want. On the other hand, if she sues the company, the company can also make a counter-claim against her for indemnity.
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