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10/06/2011 10:40:04

Good dayÖ.
Dear Mr. Siew,

Need your advice on the issue. I have a case recently that one of manager had utilized the hotel room with his colleague without high authority approval. The situation is as below:
1) He was caught in the room with his colleague by our security on the 24th May, around 7.40pm. The matter was brought to the attention of GM on the same day and no action taken at that time due to some reason may be. The next day (25th May) in the afternoon the GM left for his schedule leave, and yet no immediate action taken.

2) On the 3rd June and then GM issued the show cause letter to both of them and was replied back on 5th June 2011. In the letter is stated that they admit the mis-conduct and apologized on that matter. And also to consider on the punishment to be taken as that is the 1st mis-conduct happens during many years of service (more than 12 years of service).

3) The GM decided to proceed with the DI and the suspension will start on 16th June onwards.

What is puzzled me is:
1) Itís proper to give show cause letter after many days - 8 days later due to the what ever reasons maybe.

2) They have admits the mis-conduct, did we still have to through the DI.

3) After receiving of the show cause letter on the 5th June, the GM has decided to suspend both of them by this 16th June (duration of 11 days gap from the show cause letter received), mean while both of them still carry out their duty as normal. Itís the right way?

4) In case of stern action taken after DI, such as dismissal take place. Did they can bring up the matter to IR department as an issue as the gap between the case happen to the DI is very far gap.

Urgently need your advice.

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KL Siew
10/06/2011 17:41:33
Since management has decided to conduct a DI, let the DI to look into the matter with all the available evidence and make decision. Of course, the employees have the right to seek redress at the Industrial Relations Department.
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