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08/06/2011 23:52:35
Re: Not Yet a confirm staffs.

Hie there,

I am new to the world of employment and i have several questions to clear my doubts...

1. I am getting confirmed next week after completing 3 months of probation.. should i be given a small increment in my salary??

2. During this months of probation, one of the days i had to take an EL because of an urgent matter, HR deducted my one day salary.. Is that right for them to do that?

3. My company is sending me to Jakarta next week for work purposes, i have to purchase my own air ticket and then claim it, also i was told that breakfast would be given to me by the hotel, i have bare my own lunch expenses just like how i have daily lunch here in Malaysia and im only allowed to claim for dinner? is this right? i am also no given any allowance by the company to go there? any extra expenses will not be covered by the company.

Please do advise me on these.
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09/06/2011 09:09:50
Hi Rhassea,
1) increment upon confirmation is the discretion of the company & its policies. if it is not their norm to give, then you dont have.
2) AL is provided usually after confirmation and before confirmation is unpaid leave. You need to check with your HR why they didnt do orientation & induction with you to let you know all these.
3) traveling allowances are also based on the co's discretion and policies. usually other companies do provide such allowance per day and also subsistence allowance.
you need to go back to your HR and do orientation. this is what i know from past experience.
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