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Dilemma case
05/06/2011 16:03:47

Hi Mr Siew,

I joined a telco company on 20.4.2011 and I had resign from my company as of 12.5.2011 giving 24hours notice which was accepted by the company. I requested for salary for the month of April 2011 to be paid as I did not have sufficient money to travel to my company to return the company items such as staff ID, car tag for free driving and a laptop (motherboard out of order on the day which was delivered to me and ITdept is aware of that).

If the company would pay me salary the month of April 2011, I would have return the items on 3/6/2011. The IR dept has advised me to discuss this with the dept head or even CEO but the 3 ladies namely the secretary to CEO, secretary to Head of HR refused to give me the details such as email address or even the mobile number.

Finally when I got the email and mobile number from the secretary to the Head of Hr Dept, she told me her boss has gone overseas and reforward to a rank and file staff in HR dept.

Due to this, I have lost my opportunity to work in Singapore as I was suppose to go for medical check-up and sign the offer letter.

I am living in Seremban but the company is based in Selangor state.
I called the Seremban IR dept but they advised that I need to report to Selangor state IR dept as the company is based in Selangor and not according to the residential address of the employee. Is it a correct procedure?

The said telco company still holding my salary and has not made any deduction for kwsp. Can I report this to IR dept NS or Selangor?

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KL Siew
06/06/2011 15:40:51
You really have to sort the matter out personally with your former company as such matter cannot be settled via emails. You can report the matter to the IRD in Selangor but for general info you can consult the one in NS. But I doubt the IRD can be of much help for salary matters.
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