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02/06/2011 12:27:41
Re: Oversea allowance

Hi, i need and avice on my case.
I have been transferred to oversea's subsidiries for 6month.
On my contract stated that i am entitledfor 3k euro allowance/ month. All paid by parent company by tt transaction. On my 3rd month onwards, parent compnay have decided to come out with policy thatall overseas base staff were only entitle for 1k euro/ month. But there is no black on white for this said changes policy. No memo or new contract been table out. Can i make a case and where should i refer to? Due to this case, i have tender my resignation upon returning back to parent company.

Hope to hear your soon.

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KL Siew
02/06/2011 16:04:08
You may have to get a lawyer to look into the matter for you. The Labour Department may not help as you are most probably not covered by the Employment Act (which only covers employees with salary not more than RM1500).
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02/06/2011 17:55:09
This is the loophole in our employment act. It only cover the employee below 1500rm only. The chinese knew this and use it to play us. Give the malay 1501 just to make them out range. This is outrages.
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09/06/2011 09:19:50
Dear Shah,
Actually is has nothing to do with race.
Any company would do that, it just see how smart the HR people are with the Labour Act / Employment Act. If the HR people is sleeping, then nothing happens.
If they are fully awake, then they will come out with ideas how to beat the system.
It also see how good the company is in terms of social responsibility.
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