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02/06/2011 11:01:47
Re: Termination within probabtion period


I would like to find out if the company can terminate an employee due to his/her poor performance and discipline issues during his/her probation period by giving 24 hour notice?

The letter of employment is only stated each party to give one month notice without specifically mentioned whether it is for permanent or non-confirmed employees.

However, it is the company policy that termination within the probabtion period is by giving 24 hour notice.

Please advise.

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KL Siew
02/06/2011 15:56:18
If the company has sufficient evidence and after a domestic inquiry, they can do that. If nothing is mentioned whether one month notice is for permanent or non-confirmed employees, then I think it is applicable to both. If there is a different policy, have it stated clearly in writing.
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