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01/06/2011 15:00:59
Re: sick leave

Mr Siew,
A staff (permanent staff) met a serious accident on 25/12/10. As at todate(1/6/11) the staff still unfit for work.

Company was paid him Hospitalisation leave for 60 days based on medical certificates provided this year.

If the staff still unfit for work say for a few years,
1) can the employer ask the staff to resign?
2) does the employer need to pay the hospitasation leave every year ?
3) does the employee entitle for annual leave?

Please advise.
Thank you.

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KL Siew
02/06/2011 10:12:58
You mean to say the employee has been lying in hospital all the while ? Is he paralyzed? Anyway, don't worry or speculate too much at the moment. Lets see what the doctors medical reports say. If the doctor says the employee is going to be unfit for work for a few years, then you can decide what to do with him.
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02/06/2011 12:02:19
The employee rest at home now but can't walk.

What can employer do if the doctor says that he is unfit for work for a few years/

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KL Siew
02/06/2011 12:22:05
Then get a medical report to that effect from the doctor and with the report, consult SOCSO whether the employee can be medically boarded out or not or whether he can get invalidity pension or not.
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07/06/2011 10:14:37
I have the same problem with one of our staff. He met with an accident early this year and has yet to come back to work. The management wants to know what can we do as his legs have not healed and his job requires him to travel.
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