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31/05/2011 15:18:19
Re: Calculation for pay (Urgent)

Hi there, can i check whether most company practice the below?

1. Monthly-rated employee base pay/26 or
2. Monthly-rated employee base pay/calendar day

a. Salary-in-lieu of notice = base pay/calendar day x numbers of short notice
b. Calculation of pay for incomplete month = base pay/calendar day (including rest days and holidays) x numbers of working day
c. Calculation of annual leave encashment = base pay/26

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KL Siew
31/05/2011 16:35:50
When things are so confusing, I think the best way out is to follow what the laws say. I would suggest you read up Part 12 of the Employment Act especially Section 60I on Interpretation. When people ask you why you do that, you can then say "that's what the laws say!".
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