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donna donni
30/05/2011 00:12:03
Re: confius warning letter 1 n 2 n 3

hi,i got a few question,
1)lateness and absence same scenario?
2)if 1st mistake should we conduct with 1st verbal warning in written as agree for both parties?
3)2nd warning letter already been given on 1st mistake,
4)3rd warning letter been given but the scenario happen early month of 2nd warning which is 2nd warning letter the scenario almost end of month,
5)serious misconduct for 2 staff but only 1 person been given warning letter,another staff just got verbal warning,
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30/05/2011 13:01:41
1) Not same, "lateness" only influence KPI. "Absence" for 2 working days will lead to termination.

2,3,4) It is depend on the company, if the company feel the mistake is serious (after DI made), the company can terminate the staff immediately. If just small matter then just verbal warning. If necessary then can issues a warning letter. No need to think about the warning letter is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. As long the company feel the staff not right (after DI), they can terminate the staff (give termination notice) or immediate termination (serious misconduct).

5) This you need to refer back your hr department why they do so.
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20/06/2011 14:01:22
The warning Letter to giving the staff a chance to change. Maybe it can use in the labour court, when the staff isuing this there
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