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09/03/2010 03:16:05
Re: Confuse about per hour rate and OT calculations

Hi there seeking for your help and advice
I'm a bit confused to working hour. I am working in a IT field and employed by job agencies. Need your expertise to advise further.
i noticed that total working hour for a week cannot exceed 48 hrs.
These 48 working hour mean exclusive lunch break hours, am i right? (because is working hours as stated at employment act)

And we have new working hours as follow:-

5days work in a week and two days off.- that means if my work is on mon-fri so my off day will be sat and sun. The off say is not remain the same as im working on shift and will rotate every 3 weeks, but it remains 5days work in a week and two days off. My basic salary is RM 1700. My working time will rotate between 7am-4pm / 3pm-12am / 11pm-8am.

Is my hourly rate is calculated as - ( salary / 26 days/ 8 hours ) or ( salary / 22 days / 8hours ) or ( salary / 192 hours)
If we have to work 48 hours a week means 192 hours a month right ???

From the above mentioned total working hour for a week are 40 hrs and daily working hours are 8 hrs per day exclusive lunch break. Hope u can clear me on this.

Thank you in advance.
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KL Siew
09/03/2010 10:16:12
Since your salary is over RM1500, you are not covered by the Employment Act and the provisions of that Act pertaining to working hours etc etc are not applicable to you. As such, whatever you think is not favourable to you, you better negotiate with your employer. Anyway, using the Employment Act as a yardstick, I think your shift working hours 7am-4pm / 3pm-12am / 11pm-8am are OK.
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09/03/2010 23:19:29
Dear Siew,

Thanks for your feedback. I would like to know how they calculate the per hour rate for me. Kindly advice me on that?
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KL Siew
10/03/2010 16:44:39
For OT formula is (salary/26x8) x 1.5 per hour. However, there are some companies working 5-day week use 22 instead of 26. Consult the local Labour Department for their views.
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