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26/05/2011 17:46:01
Re: Socso Claim

Dear Mr Siew,

Just want to check with you, if employee met accident when he on his way to work but he not using the normal route (means that he drop by somewhere else) then met accident.can he claim sosco?is it a clause stated that if an employee drop by somemwhere else then the socso cannot be claim?
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KL Siew
26/05/2011 18:14:23
I would suggest you just report the accident that it happened while on his way to work. Don't volunteer too much unfavourable information to SOCSO at this juncture. Let SOCSO investigate and decide later on. Try to help the employee in some way you can. After all, the employee contributes to SOCSO every month and basically he has the right to the benefit until and unless proven otherwise.
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