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26/05/2011 11:51:42
Re: transfer and redesignation of job -URGENT

i hv been working for a company locally ( a listed company in UK) more tham 11 years.
recently ,i was rudely asked to tender my resignation which i refused based on the reason that i had not done anything wrong that detrimental to company.
since that ,company try lots of mean to get rid of me i.e
a) indicating closing down the present Subang Jaya office then transfer me other branches either Penang ,Singapore or Overseas without any reimbursement.
b) be assigned a special task at branch office ( not known yet )
FYI staff are subject to transfer and re-designation at sole discretion of company under letter offer
what should i do and can i report this to Industrial or Labour Dept ?? will that be a strong case !!!
highly appreciated the soonest reply
thank you

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26/05/2011 12:56:51
From what you wrote, the company still not yet do anything to you. There just transfer you to other branch and assign work to you.

So you can't lodge a report yet. Unless they terminate you without any reason.

For transfer to oversea, company need to give reimbursement, I not very sure about the detail on it. You can try to check it out with the industrial department.

*Personal opinion, it is better you tender resignation because you stay at there won't work benefit you. The company won't promote you and increase you benefit. You day will be worst and worst. Choices are yours.
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