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25/05/2011 21:22:12
Re: Advice of resignation

Hi . really appreciate u can provide some advice.
my wife is working for electronic listed company in ss13 Subang for more 11 years.
she was asked to tender her resignation and company will pay 3 ex-gratia month as premium .(something worse than retrenchment !!!)
Company also indicate of closing the present office and transfer her to Penang branch.
MY questions :
1) if my wife refuse to tender resignation and turn down transfer ! pls advice the consequence
2) what is right of my wife under Malaysia Labour Law ? pls advice
thx very much

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26/05/2011 12:47:43
I not very understand to the situation.
The company want her tender resignation but offer her transfer to Penang branch? Make it clear that the company is terminating her service or just transfer to other branch.

And also, Malaysia Labour Law only covered employee salary lower than RM 1500 or above RM 1500 but manual worker.
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