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25/05/2011 17:50:23
Re: can he sue me at labor office?

Can i terminate a employee (work with me for 6years) by assume he on leave 30days in a letter form and i verbally ask him no need report to work? He still got 60days leave. his working performance are not satisfy. I know that if he not report to work more than two days, means he resign automatically and i no need to pay him any money for annual leave and termination benefit.
can he sue my company about this?
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26/05/2011 12:43:33
If he personally no report to work for more than 2 days then the company can terminate the staff without paying anything.

But if the employer request the employee to take leave and no need report to work, the employer cannot terminate the employee.

If you want to terminate the employee, just follow the correct procedure by giving termination notice. The employee can use his AL to offset the notice period. So the employee no need report to work and the employer just need to pay the salary until the last days of termination notice period.
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26/05/2011 13:04:42
we do not sign any documentation for employment, that mean the resignation notice period is refer to Labour Law?
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26/05/2011 14:40:28
If no any employment letter, then just follow the labour law. For your safety purpose.

Less than 2 year - at least 4 week
2 year or more but less than 5 year - at least 6 week
5 year or more - at least 8 week
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22/06/2011 17:52:23
i would like to conduct domestic inquiry. An accused employee would like to take his wife to be a witness. Is it allowed in the DI procedure?
Also , what if Management would like to take our own staff to be the witness?
is it allowed by the DI procedure?
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