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25/05/2011 16:25:48
Re: termination of contract

if one employee is being fired on 24/05/2011 by voiced .....without any reason ...the company need this employee work till 31/05/2011 , how much the company shud pay to tis employee? This employee has work 14 mths in this any pampasan for employee working more than 1year ....

The contract (under the termination clause only stated a very general statement which is "your employment may be terminated by either party giving to the other one (1) month’s notice in writing or pay in lieu without any reason being assigned for the termination."
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26/05/2011 12:21:02
You may say it was a wrongful dismissal when they asked you to leave without going through proper procedure. What you can do now is to claim for reinstatement under Section 20 of Industrial Relations Act. It is too early to talk about damages or compensation. Go to the IR Department and make a claim and let the department to look into the matter for you. Do it within 60 days from the date of termination of service. (Kl Siew statement)
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27/05/2011 15:57:58
If this employee dun wan go IR Department and make a claim .....................


now....tis company boss saying that wan paid all the compensate loss by this employee according to labour this employee will received 1 month salary + 10days pampasan for who working 1year ???how to calculated the pampasan? is 10days / 15days?
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