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25/05/2011 14:47:37
Re: Leave calculation

Annual leave entitlement for year 2011 is 14days
Worker is under Hospitalisation leave 60days - (4/4/11 - 2/6/11) broken leg.
After 60 days, worker still can't work (MC untill further notice) and Company decided to give him another 60days as half pay.

The period for leave calculation as below:
a) Pro-rata of leave in yr 2011 - ( 1/1 - 3/4) is 4 days

b) Pro-rata of leave in yr 2011 - ( 1/1 - 2/6) is 6 days

c) Pro-rata of leave in yr 2011 - ( 1/1 - 2/8) is 8 days

Please advise, which one shall i use.

Thank you.

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26/05/2011 12:31:40
(4/4/11 - 2/6/11) <-- today is 26/05/2011 @.@

As long the employee still under your company, he is still entitled AL.

So your "A", "B" and "C" also correct, it is depend you are counting for which month.

Today is 26/05/2011 so he get 6 days AL up till now. Every month count different. No need do calculation for future (August AL and Jun AL).

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