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25/05/2011 10:13:00
Re: Resignation - Urgent reply needed

I have been working in this company for 6yrs now. There have been no business for the pass 3yrs now. Boss have just yesterday talk to me asking me whats my plans for future n etc. So i know he wants me to go. Can i demand for compensation.? How Many Months can i demand for? If i tender my resignation will i be still entitle for compensation? My Nett salary is RM1600. how do i calculate this, I work frm Monday - Friday. 9:00-5.30pm. What should i do? Pls Advice

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25/05/2011 12:20:05
If yourself tender resignation, then you are not entitled any compensation.

You just wait for your employer action, if he no do anything then you no need to anything.
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