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24/05/2011 16:44:36
Re: probation appraisal

Hi, good day to you
My superior did the probation appraisal for a staff who joined us about 2 months. His probation is 6 months but my superior plan to did the appraisal now so that he can improve his performance before the end of probation. He intenstion is to try to confirm him but he still got many weak points. This staff is not happy and impolite to my superior. he felt unfair. Are we doing anything wrong ?
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25/05/2011 11:28:37
For your info, there is no limit on how many time staff appraisal to be done.

Most of the company only do 1 time because it is troublesome (include me). But in actual process, staff appraisal need to do at least once in a year for every staff.

So there is no reason for the staff to unhappy with it, in other wise, he/she should be glad because staff appraisal normally for confirmation, bonus, go for better position or increment.

Try to explain to the staff about the purpose of staff appraisal.
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25/05/2011 12:17:36
If your new staff who has got many weak points, I would suggest to your superior to conduct the first appraisal on the 3rd month instead waiting till the end of the 6 months. This is beacuse your superior able to highlight to the staff which area he has been lacking of so that the staff have the fair chance to know what he should improve.

And at the end of his appraisal, do again another appraisal. Based on the previous appraisal, your superior should know whether the staff able to meet the Company's expectations. If he is, then congratulations to him. Should he fail, you can extend his probation period.

And thereinafter if he still fails to meet the Company's expectation after the extension period, your superior have a solid reason to terminate him.

Good luck.
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10/05/2012 15:35:13
The Probation Appraisal should be done in fair basis, which have note/ remark on what is the Weakpoint of the employees,
Should not be a tools as excuses to extend the probation of the employees.
such misused can lead the organization back step.
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