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21/05/2011 12:34:43
Re: employee above 55 years old

At April 2011, we have employ a worker above 55 years old.

For employee over 55 years old as a dispatch clerk entitled for contribute socso and epf? If he is pay under wages, can he entitled for annual leave and medical leave and medical claim same with permanent worker? We need to prepare the letter of offer to him like permanent worker, right?
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21/05/2011 12:57:32
For employee age 55 or above. The company need to contribute EPF and socso until age of 75.

EPF rate 55-75 : Half of the normal rate (Yee 5.5% / Yer 6%)
Socso rate 55-75 : Refer to Socso table "Second category" rate

They still entitle to normal benefit such as AL, ML, PH and etc. Easy to understand is he still remain the same benefit before age 55.

The company need to prepare a letter list down all the thing (The EPF/ Socso rate and employee benefit) so that the employee clearly understand it. For extra benefit or increase benefit, it is depend on the company.
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Gerja Rani Karamundar
24/02/2015 18:23:49

I just want to know im turning 55 in this march, do i need to contribute for socso still or not. Is it compulsory or not. I am still going to work still.


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