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19/05/2011 12:57:19
Re: Paid leave for resigned staff

I have a question regarding about a resigned staff who has unutilised leave to offset the notice period.Her official day before deduct the 4.5 days leave is 7 June 2011 her last working days.Since she want to go off early her last working days will be on 1 June2011 which is 0.5 days.I have hold her may salary and i just wondering what is her final salary is.Do i have to pay 1 month salary for may plus another 7 days for the month of june which i have to divide by 26 days?

Please advice
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19/05/2011 14:40:37
There is 2 thing i very confuse.
If you are using EA as reference, 4.5 days won't appear. When the amount is 0.5 or more than it, is consider 1 days.
The most curious is May 2011 not yet over, i wonder how you hold her May salary.

For calculation:-
May - Full month salary
June - Divide by the days of the month (June is 30 days)

You need to do 2 pay slip, 1 is May pay slip and 1 is June pay slip. You need to contribute the EPF and SOCSO as well even she already tender resignation letter for the month of May and June.
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19/05/2011 15:48:05
Thanks for the prompt reply.The reason i hold her salary is because she need to do the cp22a for her tax clearance.As for the may salary ours is always paid on the 24 of each month.I have done the may payroll and already sent to the for her i have done the cp22a for her tax clearance which separate from the rest of the existing staff.
i have done the exact calculation like you mentioned.full month salary for may and 7 days for the june which both month contribute EPF and SOCSO.
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