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18/05/2011 18:31:38
Re: Probation Employee

We have one Warehouse Supervisor where he joined on 14th October 2010. In the appointment letter stated that he need to serve 3 month probation period but in my mind that he supposed to serve 6 months probation. So we have done 2 months once in this 6 months for his appraisal review by using probation appraisal form. so total 3 reviews that we did. He had signed on the appraisal form. On the 3 reviewed means that during 6 months worked here, we had given him an extended probation letter to another one month and due on 14th May 2011. If this is situation, I would like ask some question as below:-

1) Is it he is confirmed employee ?
2) As my warehouse manager said he couldn't perform and had take a lot of MC and hospitalization, so we would like to terminate him. Can we do that as he admited by signed the appraisal probation review form.
3) In my warehouse manager views that " As standard procedure, extend of probation period only one time, no point need to extend and extend ". Is that correct ?
4) If we really would like terminate his service, how should we do or proper procedure to terminate him?

Kindly Advise.

FYI, the MC and Unpaid Leave as below :-
Year 2010

19/10 MC
01/11 UPL ( Motor Broken )
16/11 UPL (Raya)
18/11 MC
24/12 MC

Year 2011

3/1 UPL (Personal matter)
28/1 MC
9,10/2 MC
2,3/3 MC
4/3 - 26/4 - Hospitalization as accident caused his leg injured
3,4/5 MC
6/5 UPL (Personal matter)

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18/05/2011 18:58:27
1) As long the company no issues confirmation letter, that employee still is a probationer.

2) You can terminate him by giving the termination notice period to him (refer to his employment letter)

3) As i know, ya. Only can extend 1 time. But if you want to stay with the company, you need to bear with it even they extend 10 time.

4) Give a termination letter state the reason of terminate and the last days of his service.
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19/05/2011 08:37:55
If we terminate him, is it this will consider termination without just cause or excuse ? This is because we didn't have any warning letter issued to him before.

Besides that, can we terminate him by given the reason that his bad attendance where a lot of MC taken. But the MC was issued by doctor. Can we terminate him by given the above reason ? Kindly advise.
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19/05/2011 09:18:48
An employer can terminate an employee with a reasonable reason as long the company feel not right about the employee. Just follow the procedure by giving a termination letter and notice period then everything will be fine.
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