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08/03/2010 11:33:13
Re: Dismissal or Retrenchment?

Hi Siew
I have been joining my current company as a clerk since April 2000 & on 5th Mar my boss told me that we are less work in the company & he asked me to seek for a new job & leave the company end of this month.
He didn't give any official letter or reimbursement. What should I do?
By the way; if he pay me the reimbursement, can I know how was the calculation? If I do not accept the amount that he offer, what can I do?
Thanks in advance.
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KL Siew
08/03/2010 12:05:22
Don't leave until you have received letter of termination from the company. Ask your boss for one if he is serious about wanting you to leave. Read up the Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulations
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08/03/2010 16:47:28
My current company won't issue the termination letter but he will pay some amount for me to leave the company. If I don't accept the offer, what can I do? Do I have to go to work as usual if I reject the offer?
If without the letter of termination, can I complain to labour department or IR?
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KL Siew
08/03/2010 18:39:19
Better don't trust their words. If you do so, they may say you resigned on your own accord. Yes, you may now complain either to the Labour Department or the IR Department.
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09/03/2010 17:19:36
Hi Siew
Without the termination letter, the Labour Department or the IR Department will they entertain me?
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15/03/2010 16:55:30
hi siew
im facing the same dilemma.

we were told by our boss that the company will be carrying out an MSS (mutual seperation scheme)
when asked how much compensation will we be entitled to
he said that because i am a permanent staff, the amount will depend on how long i hv served the company. he also mentioned that contract workers hv more advantages compared to permanent staffs in this situation because the company will pay them based on the remaining months.
so my fren and i, assuming we just joined for 1 year in this company..
i am a permanent staff whereas my fren is on a 3 year contract.
so my fren's compensation will be more
is this fair?
i dont get how they come up with this method of compensation.
is there a guideline on how the compensation should be carried out
pls help
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