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17/05/2011 14:06:33
Re: Change of Company Name

If the management change its name. The new management must give new letter of appointment to the staff. If the company did not reissue a new letter of appointment, can the staff leave the company without giving any notice, cause the contract has terminated. Please advise.

Thank you.
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17/05/2011 15:13:37
The company just change name, it is not change of ownership. So your old contract still remain. You still need to give resignation notice to your employer.

If the company change ownership then different story. The contract will end and new employer need to reoffer and issue a new appointment letter to the staff (if the new employer still want back the old staff). Then the employee can choose to refuse or accept the new offer.

If the new owner don't want the old staff then the old employer need to paid the old employee.
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