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16/05/2011 09:54:29
Re: Change of Public Holiday

1) My company switch the Wesak Day 17-May-11 to 29-Aug-11, and give another free holiday at 2-Sep-11.

1) My expected maternity leave in Aug 2011

1) Do I have the right to cliam back 17 May?
2) Any supporting government rules (labour rules) about this?
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16/05/2011 11:18:11
You cannot claim back since the Wesak day not compulsory gazetted holiday. The company have the right to decided the remain 6 days PH. Total PH for year 2011 is 11 days.

Since you got maternity leave, you already got paid leave and holiday. If you not satisfied because 1 days PH is gone, then think in the other way, other people don't have 60 days maternity leave. 60 days vs 1 day =.="
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