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Toin ! Toin !
14/05/2011 16:12:32
Re: Penalty and deduction

Hi, KL Siew, is there any section in labour laws that permits employer to penalise and deduct from wages of workers for goods damaged during work in progress. It might be due to handling, overstacked or even malfuntionality of equipments.
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Toin ! Toin !
16/05/2011 18:51:32
Sorry Mr Siew, I do not put in my name because my company might take action on me for digging out this issue. Is my question too complicated ? if yes, i begged for your pardon.
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16/05/2011 18:59:21
Be patient, Mr. Siew recently busy. He will response to you as soon as possible
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16/05/2011 20:12:39
Sorry for the late response. Actually it is not necessary to reveal your name or even email address.
About your query, there is no provision in the EA for such deductions and in fact under Section 24 on Deduction of wages, such deductions may be in contravention of the law. What the employer is doing is his ways of trying to protect the interests of his company. However, despite Section 24, one must bear in mind especially for those not covered by the EA, those acts like damaged good etc resulted from negligence, willful disregard company rules and regulations on the part of the workers can be a form of misconduct for which the employer can take disciplinary actions against those concerned The best way to avoid such deductions,is to work with due care and play by the rules since everyone is aware of the rules.

PS. HR is doing a good job by sharing his experience will all of us. I can relax a bit. In fact, I strongly encourage the current hr practitioners to come together to share their day to day working experience in the hr fiends. That's the main purpose of my putting up this website.
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