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14/05/2011 08:41:38
Re: Wages rate pay on 1/5/2011 (Sunday / PH)& 2/5/2011(replacement leave) clarification

Morning Mr Siew,

As 1st May 2011 public holiday falls on Sunday. Therefore 2nd May 2011 is replacement leave of public holiday. Company should pay the wages as follows:

1/5/2011 = rest rate pay
2/5/2011 = public holiday rate pay

Am I right?

Thank you!
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14/05/2011 09:58:22
It is depend the normal rest days is when.

If the employee rest day is Sunday or Sat&Sun then your calculation is correct.

For employee rest day not on Sunday (mean Sunday they normally work), then you only calculate 02/05/2011 public holiday rate enough. For 01/05/2011 no need calculate (Basic).

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31/05/2011 11:29:24
Dear Mr Siew

How is the calculation for rest day and public holiday rate for a worker of monthly wage of RM500.00

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Yuh Jing
09/06/2011 16:37:47
I have the same problem calculating OT for my staff.

They are entitle to 1 day off each week (either Saturday or Sunday) based on roster.

But the labour day falls on 01/05/2011 (Sunday) and some staff are on off day if based on roster.

Now they are making noise saying that because they came to work on 01/05/2011, they should be paid PH OT rate (2.5)

If they worked on 02/05/2011, I am supposed to pay them rest day OT rate (2.0) for REPLACING their off day on 01/05/2011 on the next day.

Correct me if I am wrong but since I have paid them PH rate for working on 01/05/2011, am I supposed to be paying them the rest day rate should they came to work on 02/05/2011?
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