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Kim HO
14/05/2011 00:00:13
Re: Termination on the spot without warning letter and Termination Letter.

I was terminated by oral on 12-May-2011 without received any Termination Letter. I joined this company since 16-Aug-2006. I still have 70days annual leave-which is allowed to accumulated by company management.
I get know from my colleague who calculate the last payment for me, she told me that company instruct(boss instruct) her to assume i take leave on 13-May to June 2011 only, that mean I only get the annual leave payment without the Termination Benefit. I afraid company will assume I absent two days then automatically resign and not to pay me anything.
Can I make this complaint to Labour Office, because I got the past payslip and a photocopy of May punch card.
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14/05/2011 09:54:04
I not very clear what you mean.

1st of all, the company terminate you for? Sure got a reason they give for the termination.

What do you mean "I afraid company will assume I absent two days then automatically resign and not to pay me anything". Mean you no report to work without reason for 2 days then company terminate you?
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kim ho
14/05/2011 13:00:02
He terminated me in verbally without a clear reason and now i got no prove that company terminated me.
I reported to work normally.
I afraid he will not pay me and say i absent two days without notice and he can avoid to pay me the balance leave and termination benefit because i got no prove that company terminate me.

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14/05/2011 13:09:41
Go to your HR department and make the thing clear.
Ask your HR the reason of termination. If they give a valid reason, then ask them the payment of the "termination notice pay in lieu" (refer back your offer letter see how many month). Request for the payment calculation method and all the detail. And request the termination letter. After request all the thing, then i will see whether they will do it in a proper way and the calculation is correct or not.

If the no give a valid reason, consult to labour department.
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Kim Ho
14/05/2011 15:23:29
I don't have any Offer Letter, Appointment Letter document.
I got only monthly payslip.
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14/05/2011 15:50:40
Consult to labour department see what you can do :-

Headquarters 03-88865000
Perlis :04-977192
Kedah 04-7300700
Pulau Pinang 04-2625536
Kelantan 09-7482506
Trenggannu 09-6244781
Selangor 03-56384535
Wilayah Per.03-42678797
Negeri Sembilan 057616517
Melaka 06-7616517
Johor 07-2243188
Pahang 09-5157016
Sabah 088-238755
Sarawak 082-242261
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kim ho
16/05/2011 15:36:14
my HR said, they said they will issue a letter saying that i'm on leave 13-05-2011 to 12-06-2011 and after that if i not report to work then assume i resign automatically.
so, I will not entitled to the all benefits? what can i do now?
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16/05/2011 15:58:57
Mean your HR want you to clear all the leave. Then you just take the letter they issue then go for vacation. Report to work at 13-06-2011 then everything back to normal. Continues work work work.........
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kim ho
16/05/2011 16:19:31
Thank you for your advices and help us know better our right as employee.
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Joey LL
26/05/2011 11:44:02
Dear Sir

If my company has given me 1 month's notice of termination due to company shut down, am I still entitle to get the amount of termination or lay-off benefits payment to which an employee is entitled ten day's wages for every employee has been employed less than 2 years of employment?

Thank you.
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